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Ethnicity Estimates

Ethnicity Estimates are the candy of the DNA world!  They are mostly fun and occasionally they can be helpful.

The first thing to remember is that they are estimates.  Don’t go trading in your kilt for lederhosen – but you could trade in your kilt for a kimono!

Kitty Cooper has written an excellent blog about Ethnicity Estimates, explaining what they are and why they are different between the companies. Click Here 

Roberta Estes also has an excellent blog about Ethnicity Estimates.  Click Here

But which company is “accurate” or “the best”?  All the companies have their strengths and weaknesses.   The image below is of the same person who tested at “the big four”.   They all agree on the continent but not much more.

Can ethnicity estimates help me search or do genetic genealogy?

Sometimes.  When you have ancestors that are from different continents or one grandparent or great grandparent that comes from different genetic community than the others, such as Askenazi Jewish, then ethnicity may be helpful.

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