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Adoption Websites

Websites that support searching, contact, and reunion can be useful for adoptees, families searching for adoptees, foundlings and others. Finding those that are truly helpful can be confusing and overwhelming.

 There are different types of sites dealing with adoption:



  • Search Support: Where you can get help with a search. Many of the commercial sites charge fees – some fees can be quite exorbitant
  • Advocacy: These organizations work to change adoption lawsAdoptee Rights Law is an example
  • Registries: almost all states and some countries have them. Commercial registry sites often charge a fee. See Step 2 for more information.
  • Communities: Deal with a specific organization or individual, Homestead and Georgia Tann for example, that were facilitating adoptions. The organizations usually provide support and search help. Many have moved to social media platforms.
  • Everything else:  Most of the rest have other purposes and are unhelpful for searching, contact and reunion.

While some sites are free to use, many require donations, subscriptions, or charge fees for their services.

NOTE: Look for experienced and ethical organizations and individuals. Please check with others before you hire anyone.
As always, check the site’s credentials before uploading any personal information.

Our recommended list is below (Click on the website for more information)

Adoptee Rights Laws by State

Adoption Records by State 

American Adoption Congress

Child Welfare Information Gateway – State Statutes Search 

Concerned United Birth Parents

First Mother’s Forum

ISRR Adoption Reunion Registry



































Donor Sibling Registry
















































































U.K. Adoption Records
















































































Not all organizations are created equal. If you have a question about a site that is not on the list, please Contact Us and we will gladly provide our insight and opinion.










































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