JWorks For Excel

Jworks works on Excel.

By giving it the names of your chromosome browser and ICW files in csv format, you can sort by DNA segments into sets of overlapping DNA and also assign ICW status within the sets. To look for Common Ancestors you need:

  1. 1. Overlapping DNA Segments
  2. 2. ICW status  between cousins
  3. 3. Access to a tree or gedcom
The file comes from the DNAgedcom client with your kit number as the prefix before the undeline
You can replace it with what ever you want as long as the two files have the same prefix
The portion before the underline is entered as the kit number
For further directions and troubleshooting go to directionsFor information on combining your data from the three vendors go to combine data.
Download the Excel program here and put in the same folder with your source csv files.