Getting Information During a Medical Emergency

Emergency Medical Locators for Adoptees (EMLA) was a non-profit organization that conducted free searches for adoptees in critical need of their family medical histories during times of life-threatening medical crisis. Originally for adoptees, an EMLA search is also available for donor conceived or those with misattributed parentage.

The EMLA team and search functions have been embedded within the DNAAdoption Team and are now part of of the free services that DNAAdoption provides.

Why Is EMLA Needed?

Each year, thousands of men, women, and children lose their lives to catastrophic illnesses because they do not have their biological medical histories. Many more live day to day without knowing that they are at risk of contracting any number of disorders—including diabetes, heart disease, and many forms of cancer —that could be effectively treated, if not prevented, had they sufficient time, adequate information, and access to what is rightfully theirs: their biological family medical histories.

Who is EMLA and What Do They Do?

EMLA is a worldwide, around-the-clock team of experts who retrieved vital medical information on behalf of adoptees, donor conceived persons, and those with misattributed parentage facing medical emergencies.  The EMLA team includes not only traditional and DNA searchers but also research specialists, all of whom offer their time and commitment on a purely voluntary basis. These individuals could be anyone—your next-door neighbors, coworkers, community librarians, teachers, nurses, or clergymen. All, however, are linked by their belief that the lack of a family medical history is no reason to die.

The EMLA team works to obtain critical medical data on familial disorders  that are causing a life threatening emergency.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

An EMLA search is FREE!  Neither DNAAdoption nor anyone else supporting an EMLA search charges a fee. We believe no one should be without their medical history.

How Do I Get Help from EMLA?

Please fill out the request form – Word doc or PDF doc and email it to us at: