For those of you new to DNA searching or genetic genealogy, or if you just want to refresh your knowledge, DNAAdoption  provides classes for everyone, from the absolute beginner to very experienced researchers, to help you on your journey.  DNAGEDCOM generously provides support for one of the classes.

For a list of Class Objectives

"First-Look" classes (free)

Learn to understand and use your results from the major DNA testing companies using a self-paced experience

Intro, Applied, and Y-DNA classes ($)

Learn to apply the methodology using autosomal DNA and Y-DNA
in our instructor-supported classes

“Before I took the class I’d found some of the tools to make the databases on DNAgedcom, but I’d stare at them wondering what I was looking at and what I was to do with them. I was taught so much and made to understand how to go about finding my family members using the online services. The people at DNAadoption running the classes gave me extra help and made a tree and databases for me, for which I am more grateful than I can say. Everyone having their DNA done with an online matching service needs to take this course. It’s an eye opener.” 

“There’s a steep learning curve to working with DNA results; I really wanted someone to walk me through the sites and tools and methodology. The course saved me a lot of time and frustration! *That’s* what I was looking for! (Thanks!)” 

“You guys are wonderful in taking the time to answer questions and keep dumbing the answers down till I get it…lol……..I love you all. You have become like family to me.” 

“This is my do-over class. The technology, as you kept saying, changes by the minute. Y’all did an awesome job of distilling the latest info into easily followed instructions. Yes, there were times when it was a little hard to follow because you know the steps and we don’t, but patience on everyone’s part solved that.”

“This class more than met my expectations. I did get two friends to sign up for the class. I am very much looking forward to the advanced Class.” 

“I did complete the Basics of Autosomal DNA course offered in December and based on that strongly favorable experience am greatly looking forward to the Y-DNA class. “

“Thank you for creating such a great class to help newbies begin to understand how DNA can help untangle some of the mysteries for those of us who are adopted and don’t have a clue how to understand the process.”

“I was so impressed with the amount of information provided. I saved all the lessons and I think I will take the class again so that I can get more experience using the tools.”