In 2012, a group of knowledgeable genealogists, citizen scientists, geneticists and IT professionals knew that advances in DNA technology may be able to help those who were seeking unknown family members. DNAGedcom.com was started under the direction of Rob Warthen as a result. In 2013, DNAAdoption.com was created as a part of DNAGedcom focusing on support for searchers. In 2015 DNAAdoption and DNAGedcom became separate entities in order to provide more concentrated services with DNAAdoption focusing on methods and techniques and search support while DNAGedcom focused on tools.


Co-Founders and Emeritus Team Members

Rob Warthen – Co-Founder

Rob is the owner of and inspiration behind the tools at DNAGedcom/Genetic Families and a co-founder of DNAAdoption. Rob is an experienced search angel and still advocates for and supports DNAAdoption. Read about his Journey.


 Karin Corbeil – Co-Founder, Co-Inventor of The Methodology, Director Emerita

Karin, an adoptee, served on the board of DNAAdoption and for over 5 years.  Karin was and still is considered the heart and soul of the organization. She helped Diane and Gaye develop The Methodology. She still works with Rob as a collaborator and manager of support for DNAGedcom.com.


Diane Harman-Hoog – Co-Founder, Co-Inventor of The Methodology, Director Emerita

Diane conceived the of The Methodology and worked with Gaye and Karin to develop it. She was a co-founder of DNAAdoption and a partner with DNAGedcom.com.


Gaye Tannenbaum – Co-inventor of The Methodology, former Team Member

Gaye, an adoptee, worked with Diane and Karin to develop The Methodology. Gaye is a search angel and adoptee rights advocate who supported DNAAdoption early on.


CeCe Moore – Collaborator, former Team Member

CeCe is a professional genetic genealogist. She collaborated with Diane, Gaye, and Karin to refine The Methodology after it was invented.  She supported DNAAdoption early on.


Richard Slaughter – Director Emeritus

Richard is an adoptee who supported DNAAdoption during its formative years.


Margaret Kuni – former Team Member

Margaret is a highly respected Traditional Search Angel. She supported DNAAdoption during its formative years.


Mesa Ford – former Team Member

Mesa is an adoptee and an adoptee rights advocate. She supported DNAAdoption during its formative years and help conduct the first update to The Methodology.


Jon Masterson – Director Emeritus

Jon is an adoptee and the first Board member from outside the US. He learned and used The Methodology to find his family. Jon developed that tool that automated the Relationship Prediction chart.